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Kilcodo has drawn anthropomorphic artwork for over a decade and is almost always open for artwork orders. She provides customized illustrations (both digital and traditional), badges and reference sheet commissions!
You can see more of her art on her FurAffinity gallery.

If you would like to commission Kilcodo for artwork, please e-mail her!

Artwork may take up to 2-4 weeks to complete depending on level of detail and volume.
All prices listed are estimates and will vary depending on the complexity of your designs.

Reference sheets are fundamental to providing an accurate and easily understandable image of a character's design.
Reference sheet commissions can be as simple or as complex as you need.
All reference artwork is digital, high-resolution and print-quality so you may print it as many times as you like.
Reference sheets start at
$75 and include flat colors and 2 full body shots.
(Each additional head or body shot costs $5. Add $5 for the following: shading, highlights, wings, clothing pieces.)

Badges are a great way to let other people know who you are and how you represent yourself. All badge artwork is sent via post or delivered in-person at conventions. Badges come laminated with high-quality laminate and include a metal badge clip.
SMALL (rectangular, 3x4 inches): $30
BUST (cut-out, chest-up, 4x6 inches): $40
BOOTY (cut-out, knees-up, 5x7 inches): $50
FULL-BODY (cut-out, 8 inches tall): $60

Digital illustrations are traditionally inked but colored digitally with a tablet. They come as a high-resolution, print-quality image file which you can copy and print as many times as you need. Digital artwork commissions can be as low as
$50 for one character with flat colors, up to $100 or more depending on how detailed the artwork is and how many characters are included.


Traditional drawings encompass everything from simple pencil sketches and ink drawings, up to fully rendered markers and watercolors.
These commissions come as original pieces sent via the post or delivered in-person at conventions. Drawings are sent in a protective plastic
sleeve. Traditional illustrations may include multiple characters and backgrounds.
Prices for traditional pieces will vary. Basic guidelines are as such:
Sketch: $20 +
Ink Drawing: $40 +
Full Color: $60 +

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