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    Frequently Asked Questions
If you have a question that is not listed here,
please feel free to e-mail me. :)
- Please take the time to read Kilcodo Costumes' TERMS OF SERVICE which contains info on warranty, repairs, etc.
- If you are having a bodysuit made, please read the DUCT TAPE DUMMY TUTORIAL!
- Once you've commissioned your costume, be sure to read the FURSUIT CARE GUIDE for helpful maintenance info.
- The current costume queue is available HERE.

What is a fursuit? What is it made of?

     Fursuits are a form of wearable art. Some people call them "mascot costumes", but typically the costumes I make are much more proportionate to the body, have smaller heads, and are much more detailed and unique. Each fursuit is hand-crafted to suit your design. Fursuits utilize faux fur, which is an acrylic fiber blend. The heads are built on a soft, lined cotton balaclava (head sock) base, which has fantastic breathability and vision. Vision is through the pupils and irises of the costume eyes, which are placed close to the wearer's eyes. Breathing is through the costume mouth, as the mouth is open and costume's muzzle is hollow. Other materials include airbrush paint, high-density upholstery foam, cast resin (plastic), fleece, and vinyl. All materials used are purchased new from reliable manufacturers and distributors and are stored in a climate-controlled room.

Are Your Fursuits Safe?

    These costumes come from a smoke-free home, I do have small pets but they are not allowed in the studio. All materials are purchased new. When wearing the costume, your vision will be degraded somewhat (you lose your peripherals), so you should never drive, ride a bike or do anything else that would endanger you. If you plan on wearing the costume for an extended period of time, drink plenty of water and take breaks every 20 minutes or so to avoid overheating. Since these costumes are made of fake fur, they are very warm to wear. Adhesives and resin are utilized in the construction of these costume items but are considered safe once cured.

How much does a fursuit from Kilcodo Costumes cost?

    Each fursuit will have a different price depending on how complex the design is and how many costume pieces you want. Please see the examples page for a list of base prices. You can e-mail us or use the quote form if you would like an estimate on your costume.

I just sent in a quote form. Now what?

     After you have sent in a quote request, you should receive a response within ten days. Often quote requests fill up the company inbox quickly and take some time to answer and situate each individual case. Sometimes I will need more information before I can give an exact quote. Quotes will not include shipping cost. Quotes will expire or change is a deposit is not placed within 30 days of the quote response. To be sure, you can always e-mail us to confirm if the price is the same after this 30 day period. If your character has not changed at all, then it is best just to e-mail rather than send an additional quote form.

Ordering and Paying for Your Costume:

    There are THREE things neccessary to purchase a costume from Kilcodo Costumes.

    1. Accurate References Images* (or a basic description if you want a generic costume)

    2. 30% Non-Refundable Deposit

    3. Measurements (see measurement chart here) and/or Duct Tape Dummy for fullsuits (see DTD tutorial)

    After you have sent us these three things, your costume will be placed in queue. This place in queue will coordinate with the date agreed upon during our correspondence on when I can complete your costume by. Placement in queue is first come, first serve. During the month of your costume's completion, the remaining 70% of the payment is required. Costumes will never be sent to their owners until the entire costume price, plus shipping, is received by Kilcodo Costumes.

    Orders for just heads or just bodysuits typically require 50% of the total payment up front.

    Currently accepting PayPal, SquareCash, Chase Quick-Pay, money orders, personal checks, and Western Union as payment. Pending payments or personal checks may take up to 10 business days to clear.

* Note: The reference artwork I receive from you at the time the down-payment is received is the reference I will work from, so please make sure it is accurate. You can change your reference ONCE, and it must be sent to me BEFORE I begin work on your costume, and any changes in reference MAY affect the final price.

Shipping Prices:

  Most costumes ship for $30-50 USD in the United States, and between $50-$100 USD international. Insurance and tracking is included. If you are an international customer, please research your local customs taxes. Carriers include FedEx for domestic orders and USPS for international orders.

Progress Updates and Completion Dates:

    When I begin work on your costume (typically 2-6 weeks before the agreed deadline), you will receive e-mails with photos of the costume in progress. During the "foaming" stage (when I am sculpting the understructure of your costume's head), you will be given a chance to critique the foam structure. Once you have approved the foam stage, I will complete the mask. Some small alterations can be made for fitting and superficial purposes before the item is shipped. Completion dates are estimated, and are posted publicly. You will receive an e-mail if any major changes in your completion date occur.

 Why Accurate Reference Art Matters:

    Over the years I have worked with a variety of reference material to create costumes for my customers. On rare occasions, customers have provided inaccurate references, or references that did not reflect the colors, shapes, or expressions of the character to be made into a costume, only to inform me of these issues after the costume is made. It is because of these rare occurrences that I now require an ACCURATE reference image for each costume. As an artist, I work off of the image you provide me as the basis for the three-dimensional costume to be created and strive to meet the image’s characteristics while still maintaining my trademark quality and style. Sometimes customers will provide a reference image for me and will tell me in an e-mail what is incorrect about the image (for example: the reference image shows a husky character with blue eyes, and the e-mail tells me that the character actually has green eyes). Many problems can occur from this kind of communication—the notes can get lost, or, even if I make note of it (I keep notes for all my customers) I put more focus on the image, and may forget about these changes. Since I work on several costumes at a time, I will use the image as my primary reference, so please make sure that it is what you want!

Can basic descriptions work as reference?

    Yes, but understand that a basic description is more or less going to get you a ‘creative license’ commission of a generic character. If you ask for a generic fox costume you will get a generic fox costume.  If you want a generic costume with some small details, like a regular fox with blue eyes, I can do that, but I cannot “read your mind” in terms of knowing an exact character design WITHOUT accurate reference images.

Faux fur colors are limited... know your colors!

    Reliable faux fur manufacturers have limited dye lots, and not all colors can be matched. This applies equally to the fact that not all faux fur colors may come in the correct length. In cases where a costume’s design colors cannot be matched, fur is matched as closely as possible. For smaller areas, airbrushing can be utilized to match the colors to the reference.

Here are some available fur colors and lengths just to give you an idea:

3 INCH FUR – white, black, rust, sparkle furs in all colors

2 INCH FUR – white, creamy white, black, middle-gray, golden brown/camel, royal blue, navy blue, sky blue, teal/aqua, lime green, emerald green, sage green, hot pink, baby pink, dark brown, cream/pale tan, dark purple, dark red, bright red, bright orange, bright yellow

1-1.5 INCH FUR (more realistic furs) – black, white, rust, variety of browns, frosted gray

¼” FUR (silky, short fur) – black, white, middle-gray, dark-gray, silver, hot pink, light pink, bright red, brown, golden brown/camel, dark blue, bright orange, yellow

This is by no means a complete list of all available furs, only the most widely available and in-stock. If you have a very specific color in mind, please e-mail me first.

Kilcodo Costumes 2-Year Warranty:

   Owners of a Kilcodo Costumes fursuit enjoy a 2-year warranty for repairs and alterations on their costumes, free of charge. Repairs and alterations include: sewing, repainting, replacement of defective parts, resoling, airbrushing, and resizing. I will not repair any damage caused by outright negligence. Suits that have been modified (an added zipper, for example) void their warranty. Small glue or thread repairs by the owner are permissible and do not quality as modification. Kilcodo Costumes reserves the right to refuse repairs if the suit is considered unsanitary or uncared for. Please clean your costume before returning it to the studio. You can read the Fursuit Care page for info on how to care for your suit. Buyer must pay all shipping costs to and from the studio. If your suit is out-of-warranty, a repair fee may be applied depending on the extent of the labor.

Who is Kilcodo Costumes?

   Kilcodo has been an artist in Furry Fandom since 1997 and has been making costumes professionally since 2008. Her work has been featured in Bust Magazine, New York Magazine, and The Rumpus. The Kilcodo Costumes team consists of Kilcodo and her boyfriend Yamazaru. Kilcodo performs all of the main tasks of creating fursuit masks, feetpaws, handpaws, bodysuits and tails. Yamazaru is adept at creating tails, small accessories and pattern-making. They both work from their home studio in Orange County, California.

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